Friday, January 1, 2010

How to change the security key on the NETGEAR router

Step 1:- Open the INTERNET EXPLORER and on the address bar just type and press enter

Step 2:- You'll get the a pop up asking for user name and password
type the username as admin and the password as password

Step 3:- Once you login to the page on the left hand side you can find an option which says WIRELESS SETTINGS which just below the SETUP

Step 4:- Now under the WIRELESS SETTINGS you can change the wireless network name that is not but the SSID and make sure you always keep the channel in 9 and the mode in G and B or B and G

Step 5:- Now under the Security Options you can select the type of security key as WEP or WPA - PSK [TKIP]

Windows XP ->
WEP (recommended)
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and MAC ->
WPA - PSK [TKIP] (recommended)

Step 6:- If you select WEP then by type the password (A-F and 0-9) on the KEY 1 make sure you do not have anything on the PHASSPHRASE
If you select WPA - PSK [TKIP] then by type the password on the PHASSPHRASE and then click on APPLY... Once the settings get updated scan for the wireless network on the computer and type the key and enjoy the internet...

Note :- Make sure you do all these on a WIRED COMPUTER not on a WIRELESS COMPUTER

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  1. VINOTHSRD: You can do this settings on wired as well as wirelessly connected device's browser.